Skip bins with doors and lids available

We provide a variety of skip sizes. The scale below shows how much rubbish will fit into our bins:

Professional Rubbish Disposal | Bin King Hervey Bay

We also provide crane lift bins, especially helpful for lifting on top of construction and renovation sites and even putting on multi-level scaffold jobs. Our crane bins are certified and a certification certificate can be provided.

We offer skip bins with lids, especially handy for site office food scraps and office rubbish. A bin with a lid at your site office keeps birds and other wildlife out of your food and office waste, helping keep your site clean and safe.

We offer skip bins with doors. This is especially handy for heavy items like bricks, concrete, furniture, renovation materials and soil. Sometimes it is much easier to wheel it in than lift if over the side.

Some materials cannot be mixed due to laws on recycling and safe disposal of hazardous materials. Visit our FAQ page to learn more.
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